Cтатьи по проблеме обнаружения лица человека на изображении
  • Detection Strategies for Face Recognition Using Lerning and Evolution
    Ren-Jay (Jeffrey) Huang
  • Multi­modal person verification tools using speech and images
    M. Acheroy , C. Beumier , J. BigЁun y , G. Chollet , B. Duc , S. Fischer , D. Genoud , P. Lockwood , G. Maitre , S. Pigeon , I. Pitas , K. Sobottka , L. Vandendorpe
  • Face Recognition in Dynamic Scenes
    Stephen McKenna, Shaogang Gong and Yogesh Raja
    Machine Vision Laboratory, Department of Computer Science Queen Mary and Westfield College, London E1 4NS.
  • Efficient Focusing and Face Detection
    Yali Amit, Donald Geman and Bruno Jedynak
    October 1997
    Technical Report no. 459 Department of Statistics University of Chicago
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